Tentatively Known as The Crumplets


Here for your amusement and enjoyment (I hope) are some little characters that I’ve been working on in between phone calls at work. I want to do something with these guys…maybe an online comic. I don’t know yet. Right now I’m just trying to work out…I guess you could call them model sheets. I’ve got 8 jpegs up and you can already see the progression from the alpha (b&w) to the betas (colour).









Let me know what you think! I’ve given them names so that if one of them (or certain design elements of one of them) stands out you can point at him over the internet. Aspects that I’m still struggling with are the legs (placement and form – stick legs or “full”) and profiles, specifically body shape on the profile. I’ll do a gamma round some time next week, likely, and I’ll post them if there’s interest.

4 Replies to “Tentatively Known as The Crumplets”

  1. Fabio and Snowflake.

    You going for a monstrous-version of Spongebob? Fabio would make a good Patrick.

  2. Humph, Stabbler, Fabio and Bort are adorable! Pie For All is cute, too. Lots of different personalities coming through; I can see this as a blobby-monster version of “The Office”, maybe? Whatever you do, I’ll be checking it out!

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