I'm 29!

You know what would be fun? Telling people that I’m as old as they think I am. I should start doing that. Plus it would make them feel special for guessing correctly. 

I was reading on Pharyngula: The Blog the post discussing how an Ottawan Professor [was] denied research funds for assuming evolution to be scientific fact. In the comments they started discussing how, yes, in Canada we have religious nutjobs too. I wanted to share my favourite comment with y’all:

I have to humour my future uncle-in-law (devout baptist) about evolution. I’d love to be up front with him, but ironically, his farm hosts a most impressive, fossil-rich outcrop where I can find Cretaceous fish. I’d hate to cut myself off from access to it.

Meanwhile, not far away: Have you ever thought about what side a snail’s shell coils on? I haven’t, until today. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060324/ap_on_sc/southpaw_advantage