More Than This

While I was drawing cowgirl pinups last night, Lost in Translation was on CBC. I haven’t seen that film since it was in the theater. I missed the beginning but saw pretty much everything else. It was good. I recall a discussion with some friends about how Japan was portrayed, but I’ll reiterate that to me the movie isn’t really about Japan at all. It’s about two characters brought together by being out of their element and by not getting the attention they need from their “standard” sources. Plus I love Bill Murray. I drew a portrait of him at work the other day which I was going to give to Stewie but his (Bill’s) nose turned out too big. My coworker asked me if she could have it and now she does.

I’m sure I’ve blogged about this before but I’ve known people (in the Biblical sense) who couldn’t enjoy a movie if the characters were not being faithful to their spouses or suchlike. I guess because the characters have bad character. To me that’s like not being able to enjoy a gangster movie. Obviously garroting somebody is not something I condone, but I can still appreciate a well executed story about it.

Speaking of being lost in translation I had a dream this morning that I was in China and trying to talk with a couple of girls on top of this mountain but having to resort to rudimentary sign language. Later there was a cat that bit into my fingers and I couldn’t get it’s little curly fangs out.