More Whiny Than Usual

Jordan called me on being Mr Complain-o after he read the post I did on the Thickets, and he’s right, so I wanted to post a self-rebuttal to set the record straight. Obviously, if I’ve been in a band for 14 years and made next to no money on it, I’m not staying in the band to get rich and famous. I do it for the creative process which I love, performing, which I love (as long as it’s not unrequited love), and the satisfaction of a job well done (where applicable). My bandmates are all talented musicians – more so than me – and obviously it is a team effort to make the band work. So while I’m always striving to be better, and to diversify, I’m very pleased with and proud of being a member of The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. I guess the main point of my post was that, like everything, it has its frustrations and challenges. I didn’t mean to single anyone out, we are all stupid human beings, except for Mario who is a cyborg, with our own very special shortcomings. Being in a band is like being on a sports team with no coach, which means we’ve got to identify where we’re going ourselves and work together to get there.

4 Replies to “More Whiny Than Usual”

  1. Wait a second. I didn’t think Jordan knew a mouse pad from a moose! How is he finding his way to your blog and then reading text from a computer screen?

    I sense the evil presence of a certain shadowy figure known only as ‘Starchy’ .

    If it wasn’t for her, Jordie would still be blissfully (and ignorantly) going about his business.

    Beware Starchy!

  2. Hi Toren, we are leaving Mex. on Aprl 12, visiting friends on the way, will be back home 24 Apr. Behave……hugs

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