Another Million Dollar Idea

Here’s another Million Dollar Idea courtesy of Toren. The “Manual Labour Network.” People spend gazoolions of dollars on gym memberships and home exercise machines. Meanwhile, not far away, hard work is waiting to be done on the streets and in the homes of the lazy and the poor. The MLN co-ordinates chores involving hours of physical labour with those who want to get in shape. After getting off work from pencil pushing, head down to Auntie Griswold’s cottage home to haul several loads of brick for her new walkway. Not only will you get a good workout, but you’ll have the satisfaction of helping someone, and maybe a fresh apple pie from Griswold’s family recipe. Or you can help Bob McSmooch move this weekend and maybe he’ll slip you a few bills for your trouble. Jenny Squiddler is a tiny jawa of a person who can barely lift a jar of marmalade, but she is heiress to the Squiddler Preserves fortune, and she needs her ceiling painted. Free jam and buckets of cash to those who want to work their arms a bit for an afternoon.

And now for a bit of fun, the Periodic Table Table