TV: Tragically Vitiating

I haven’t really watched TV for weeks. The only TV shows I’ve watched have been on DVD or downloaded, commercial free. The only exception is Babblebar Balabiba. But Marlo and I were at the Laundromat and they (hey…the spell check just capitalized Laundromat on me) were showing Access Hollywood followed by E Entertainment News or some other E-tainment show. Now, I enjoy films when they’re done well, and actors who are good at their craft are definitely worth recognizing, but gosh golly gee whiz – I sure don’t care who’s wearing what and who’s pregnant with whose baby and how much glitter is in a celebrity’s poop. Holy cats what a vulgar pageantry of tanned glam. But the commercials! I remember why I hate TV. They really have to do something about that. When I move, there will be no cable TV. There will just be downloading and purchasing DVD sets after a season or series is done airing on the idiot box. And maybe some day – TiVo.

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  1. iTunes is offering video downloads of certain TV shows already, and word is that CBS will be offering direct downloads as well, though they’re limited-time rather than “download file, watch whenever”.

    The future is (almost) now.

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