I'm feeling fat and sassy!

Apart from TONMO–The Octopus News Magazine Online–I have been unable to find ecological organizations that take donations via PayPal. Sure, I could give my credit card number to Greenpeace, but I don’t have my VISA number memorized like I do the PayPal website address.

BUT! I am linking a new website for your entertainment and education: badscience.net. Dr Ben Goldacre writes for the Guardian in the UK and there is a host of fabulous articles debunking bad science and slyly commenting on the media’s spurious representations of science. Just one small example that had me chuckling was in the “Least Plausible Cosmetic Claim” of the 2004 Bad Science Awards :

…the winner was a hair-straightening treatment by Bioionic, called Ionic Hair Retexturizing: “Water molecules are broken down to a fraction of their previous size … diminutive enough to penetrate through the cuticle, and eventually into the core of each hair”. Shrinking molecules caused some concern among the physicists at the ceremony, since IHR was available just 200 yards away, and the only other groups who have managed to create superdense quark-gluon plasma used a relativistic heavy ion collider.

Do a search for tin foil hats for more hilarious revelations.

This morning I had unsettling dreams about being in arguments with my parents, and then writing a Thickets song that either quoted or related to Moby Dick.

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  1. Before you ask, yes I got Moby Dick.

    We are putting three new songs in the set list.

    We are set on Arise and Green. The third needs to be worked out on Sunday at practice.

    Be ready my fine crooning friend

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