Lord of the Brush


Documentary on LORD OF THE RINGS artist John Howe

Saturday, January 21 at 7 pm, Tinseltown Cinemas

Presented by Moving Pictures: Canadian Films on Tour

Best known for his detailed illustrations of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth mythology, British Columbian John Howe is greatly responsible for the look of The Lord of the Rings movies. This thoughtful documentary sheds lights on Howe’s childhood growing up in the small rural town of Keremeos, British Columbia. It also offers a trove of Lord of the Rings analysis with ecological interpretations of the original books and how West Coast geography seeped (via Howe) into our idea of what Middle-earth should look like. Directed by Gretchen Jordan-Bastow, and presented as part of Moving Pictures: Canadian Films on Tour. For more info: www.movingpictures.ca or (604) 681-4549.

Also of interest: RHINOCEROS EYES by Aaron Woodley

A stunning directorial debut that evokes classic surrealistic films from Eraserhead to Edward Scissorhands, Rhinoceros Eyes is the hallucinatory black comedy revolving around Chep (Michael Pitt), a young, reclusive prop-house employee who falls in love with a detail-obsessed movie production designer named Fran (Paige Turco: TV shows The Agency). Fran’s need for authentic props sends Chep to great and questionable lengths as he tries to satisfy her requests, and ultimately…win her heart. Rhinoceros Eyes premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2003 and won the prestigious Discovery Award. Sunday, January 22 at 9 pm, Tinseltown Cinemas.


A must see documentary for horror fans. Nightmare in Canada provides a refreshing, entertaining look at the story of Canada’s horror film industry. While Hollywood horror movies are usually obsessed with monsters and masked madmen, Canadian horror tends to be more story and character driven focusing on themes like man against nature and fighting the evil that comes from within. Interviews with a wide range of guests will examine the phenomenon of Canada’s horror film legacy as favourite moments are shared and the best and strangest moments from films such as “Black Christmas”, “Shivers”, “The Changeling”, “Ginger Snaps”, “Cannibal Girls” (staring Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin) and Julian Roffman’s 1961 cult classic, “The Mask” are shown. Friday, January 20 at 9 pm, Tinseltown Cinemas.

MOVING PICTURES: CANADIAN FILMS ON TOUR. Bringing Canadian films and creative talent to your community. Watch it. Celebrate it. Learn about it. For more info: www.movingpictures.ca or (604) 681-4549. Advance tickets at Biz Books (302 West Cordova Street) or Tinseltown Cinemas.

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  1. When I was young we had First Choice movie channel (which Super Channel later bought up and consumed) and they had a David Cronenberg day for Halloween one year. I like scary movies but I had never seen anything like David Cronenberg’s stuff. His movies consistently scare the crap out of me. Shivers was the scariest of the bunch in my opinion.

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