Informal Thickets Plans

Informal Thickets Plans

Over the past couple of years I have worked with Stephane on a Thickets DVD. This was something I dreamt up after Spaceship Zero was released, during our last 2 Canada tours I thought it might be a good project to sate the fans until we released a new CD. The project has had a few pitfalls including exploding computers and personal laziness. When I first came up with the project I thought it would just be a video that I could dub at home. Then Stephane got the technology on his computer to forge DVDs – which is now of course quite common. Now that there is a coalescing fourth CD album in the works, it crossed my mind that we could put the DVD in with the CD (hey, they’re the same size and shape!) just like Queens of the Stone Age’s album Songs for the Deaf. Since all of our songs are going to end up on Napster2006 regardless of how we release the album, it seems to me a good way to go to get people interested in purchasing the physical product – and since the idea has been brought up by others during the recent discussion (on 2 blogs, 1 mailing list and 1 online forum) about free downloads it seems to be a winning concept. Add to this the serendipity of Adam from VFS approaching me with an offer to produce a media package for the band as his school project. This means I was able to drop all of Stephane’s previously captured video footage and a bagful of VHS tapes on this fine fellow who is committing several hours of his week to produce a final DVD for us, among other things. Bonanza! Of course nothing is final and there are official decisions to be made regarding how, when, where, why, what and who the next album will be released, but it certainly provides us with more options. In short: start saving your pennies for some kind of 2006 release.

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  1. Shiny! I would just love to see some concert footage if that is available. Any new songs in the works?


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