Three short news items

In Oklahoma City an anti-gay activist Baptist pastor and member of the Southern Baptist Convention’s executive committee was arrested after he propositioned a male undercover policeman for sex.

A man in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, caught a mouse and threw it into a pile of burning leaves; the mouse, on fire, ran back into the man’s house, which then burned down.

A woman in Vancouver, British Columbia, pleaded guilty to poisoning the trees in front of her condominium to improve her view of the ocean. [My dad used to just cut them down the old fashioned way]

4 Replies to “Three short news items”

  1. I saw an article splashed messily all over the front of some newspaper about the “TREE MURDERER”

    Um, can anyone say “macmillan bloedel”

  2. The mouse story sounds like so many varations of the cruelty to animals with comeuppance to the human perp. “Guys tie dynamite to jackrabbit it runs under their car”. These and other appear in things like Darwin awards all the time.

  3. Crazy stuff, man… That first item is so typical. When are we all going to figure out that the people who most vocally oppose behaviors/attitudes/etc are most often the ones secretly indulging those things?! It drives me nuts, especially living in the Southern U.S.

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