The Veil

Ring ring! Friday night I was about to draw superheroes. But Mike Jackson called and said “help us with our Lovecraftian movie for the 48 Hour Horror Film Fest!” or words to that effect. So I went and met them at the Vineyard and helped them out of their writing slump. I think we got a pretty cool little story, that mixes parts of From Beyond with Dreams in the Witch House and a touch of Dunwich Horror. They called it “The Veil” and I also played the role of psychiatrist, which was fun (and short). The time limit for the festival is 6 minutes, but we discussed doing a longer “director’s cut” to submit to the HPL Film Fest next year. There were even real octopus tentacles. Nice ones too. I stayed to help for most of the day. Everyone was very nice but sometimes I wish people would realize that there is a time for telling stories and a time to shut up and film a scene. It was great to work with Sam and Mike again. For Taylor’s benefit, I’ll mention that I am now 2 degrees of separation from Whoopie Goldberg and C. Thomas Howell.

On Sunday the plan was originally to have Rose drive me in to Chilliwack for noon for costume fittings with the band, then practice for a couple hours and take the Greyhound back for D&D. However she had to change that, so instead I took the bus in and was to get a ride back with her at around 3:30. I got to the bus depot 45 minutes early in the morning, so I boarded an earlier bus that would get me there at 11:35 (I anticipated getting there at 11:45). The bus ended up being packed at Langley so that there were actually standees, and arrived in Chilliwack at noon. But we practiced and worked on new material. We expected Rose at 3:00 but she didn’t arrive until almost 5pm due to a traffic incident. The new costume (prototype) looks great, by the way, though it was ill-fitting. Lots of time for adjustments though. It had Jordan and Mario giggling like school girls.

So Rose dropped me off in Chinatown at around 6:15 and luckily I wasn’t late for D&D, though I didn’t have time to grab a pineapple (well I probably did but I didn’t think I did at the time). It was Kelly’s birthday so we had delicious choco-ginger cake and I had a lovely chicken dinner. We played D&D and my character Sunshine did some good killing. It ran quite late much to Michelle’s dismay, but our hours of planning paid off in the end. Paul decided that it took only two combat rounds to take a pee, which the rest of us contested. I think all characters should roll for bladder size.

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  1. The cake was actually gingerbread. No chocolate in it at all. I have to say, I tend to get a bit of a fetish for gingerbread when it starts getting colder out.

    The darkness came from blackstrap molassas. Molassas is a byproduct of making sugar. Blackstrap molassas is the stuff that’s so burnt and caramalized that it’s black and quite bitter (for sugar). But it does make a tasty cake.


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