Medical Bonanza!

I’ve been paying $54 a month for a few years now for the Medical Services Plan. But if you make less than $20,000 a year you’re eligible for 100% coverage at no cost. I make less than $5000 a year net so on the advice of my accountant I mailed them a letter asking if they’d return my overpayments from the past years and, happy day, I got a check for almost $500. But that’s just my overpayments from this year. I hope I’ll get more later, and I am prepared to write more nice letters letting whoever cuts the checks know how handsome they are. What will I do with the money?

1. See the optometrist
2. See the dentist (it’s been years. I hope there’s no supplementary work to be done beyond a checkup and teeth cleaning)
3. Get a passport
4. Upgrade my computer (long overdue)

My advice to you is to do what I did and save some money:

$20,000 – 100 percent subsidy
$22,000 – 80 percent subsidy
$24,000 – 60 percent subsidy
$26,000 – 40 percent subsidy
$28,000 – 20 percent subsidy

6 Replies to “Medical Bonanza!”

  1. You don’t make less than $5000 per year. Maybe some reporting of your “under the table” salary will need to be done.

  2. That’s net. I am allowed to write off some of my rent and bills because I work from home (and most of my gaming books that I don’t already get contributor copies of). I don’t count my birthday auctions.

  3. I say use it to get a passport! You want to travel, and it’ll get you one step closer. You can call MSP & find out how many years back into the past they’ll refund you for…. that’ll give you a better idea of how to craft your very flattering/wheedling letter.

  4. And FYI, people on premium assistance get some coverage for physiotherapy, massage, chiro etc. You only pay a user fee for each kind of therapy rather than the full cost – for 10 visits, anyway. And it’s based on the calendar year so you could go crazy on therapy before December if you’ve got any overuse drawing pangs.

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