I was in the ocean

We were supposed to have a band practice today, in preparation for the big PAX show, but Mario cancelled it. Since I work Monday to Wednesday, this was to be one of those not-so-common opportunities to get into Chilliwack for band practice. His requirements to play the show was to have three practices before the show, and that reality has just been clotheslined, if he meant for the singer to be at the practices.

However, that means that I’ve saved a minimum of 6 hours out of the day and just under $30. Now I can have the time to get lunchables for my work week and go to the post office, which I have just done. I also took in some garage sales, with some awesome finds, including:

Two glue guns and a bunch of glue sticks: $2
Expired film (6 rolls): $2
A Star Wars Jabba’s Palace action figure mold (for play-dough, fimo, etc) with Tusken Raider, Bib Fortuna and Gamorrean Guard: 50 cents
Another mold with a treasure pile, giant gem, and suchlike (not SW related): 50 cents

Total score: $5

Yesterday I went for a long bike ride with Marlo and Larissa, and we ended up at Kits Beach where there were way too many people and not enough sea life. But it was very choppy and the waves were high and it was very fun, if cold. I haven’t swam in the ocean around these parts. In fact I can’t remember the last time I swam in the ocean at all. We even saw a seal swimming with the other swimmers. No killer whales this time.

Then we came back to my place and watched The Poseidon Adventure with Stewie, Taylor and Darcey. That was fun even though the movie was stupid.

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  1. Sucks that you won’t be playing PAX, man. The Thickets concert was going to be the high point of my weekend.

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