Back in the Game

I played tennis with Stephane today. I think it’s been about a year since I’ve picked up that racket. Since they tore down the tennis court right by my place I’ve been bitter and forlorn, but recently on my bike rides I’ve seen that the court at Heather & 18th hasn’t been as busy as I thought it would be, so I scheduled a game with Stephane. I’m pretty rusty, but I started to get some of the old moves (“supersmash!”) back towards the end. We played two regular matches and one short match – Stephane won, and it was very hot.

Today is my first day of a week long no-junk-food diet. I knew I was eating too much junk food, but I decided to go cold turkey for a week after I bought three large bags of Lays from Sunshine Market because they were on sale, and ate all three bags within the span of 20 hours. Actually the diet started last evening right after I finished the third bag. So far it’s been going fine, except that Stephane & Sheri wanted to go out for crepes after the match. I figured I’d get a healthy crepe. I asked for a cream cheese crepe because that was the cheapest of the savouries, but they didn’t have cream cheese, so I got a honey and coconut one. Not bad, I thought, but then when it came, it had a scoop of ice cream with it. I tried to give away the whole scoop but Stephane would only take half.

Then I went grocery shopping with Marlo at Safeway (the grapes are $1 cheaper at ‘shines) and with the exception of some white bread (they didn’t have brown in that price bracket) I did pretty well.

And that was a really boring entry. Oh but then I ran over a puppy on my bike and it’s brains splattered into my mouth and it made me crash into Patrick Stewart who was wearing nothing but a housecoat.

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  1. Really? I caught him lurking in my backyard dressed that way. I told him to take a hike, and he looked me in the eye and intoned “Make it so” as he reached down and gave his genitilia a quick tug.


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