Oh here’s something else I forgot. Marlo convinced me to get a DeviantART account (which I pronounce Devian Tart even though there’s no room or time for spaces in this crazy world), which I think was a pretty good move and she also helped me upload a bunch of pictures so she gets extra hugs. It’s amusing to see what other people comment on my various drawings and just my site in general, more so when they are ESL and I can’t understand what they’re trying to say.

Here’s my gallery:

Still more news:

Toyota announced that it would open a new $800 million plant in Ontario. The company turned down hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies in the United States because, when compared to Canadians, U.S. workers are too hard to train, often illiterate, and expensive to insure.

A Japanese man recited 83,431 digits of pi.

A member of Britain’s parliament identified himself as a Jedi, and A woman in Florida won the right to bare her breasts in public.

In New Zealand a baby boy undergoing penis-enlargement treatment was accidentally given ten times the recommended dose of testosterone by his nurse, causing the boy to become angry and irritable and to develop pubic hair. A doctor warned that the baby might also suffer from painful erections, but that problem had yet to arise.

President George W. Bush gave a nationally televised speech about the war in Iraq to an audience of soldiers. Bush, who served in the Air National Guard, said there was “no higher calling” than military service and mentioned the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks five times. After the speech, there was some question as to whether the soldiers had clapped enough.[The New York Times] The U.S. Army, having increased the maximum enlistment age from thirty-four to thirty-nine and the maximum age for officer candidate school from twenty-nine to forty-two, having offered $20,000 more for college per soldier, and having lowered its recruitment goal for this June by more than one thousand as compared to the previous year, announced that it had exceeded its June recruitment goal by 507 soldiers.[][USA Today][The New York Times]

Scientists in Pittsburgh killed a dog, then resurrected it hours later with fresh blood.

China decided to outlaw sexual harassment,[BBC News]

In Kota Belud, Malaysia, a Kadazandusun Chief Bobolian urged people to stop dressing animals in costumes because doing so offends the spirits and could turn a longhouse to stone.[Daily Express]

A sixty-million-year-old venomous mouse fossil was discovered.

Two Brooklyn, New York, teenagers were arrested for killing a fifteen-year-old boy for his iPod.[The New York Times]

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  1. You should probably correct that to “Bush, who WAS ENROLLED in the Air National Guard” rather than “who served in…” given that there are considerable questions around how much serving he actually did. Let us note as well that he didn’t rush home to urge his two army-eligible-aged daughters to go enlist. Actually, the last I heard, only one member of Congress actually has any children in the US Armed Forces.

  2. Why does a baby need penis enlargement?

    It’s easy to meet recruitment goals (or any goals for that matter) if you simply reduce that goal.

    I like the zombie dog story. It makes zombie survival nuts look less paranoid.

    We need more venomous mammals. I have a twenty year old computer game wherein one of the creatures you can encounter are venomous sheep.

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