I finished KOTOR.

After I finished my drawing last night at around midnight, I rode my bike to Marlo’s. “Won’t she be asleep by now?” Stewie asked. “Yes, but Knights of the Old Republic never sleeps,” was my answer. That was but one of four reasons I went. The other three, in no particular order: to snuggle with Marlo; to get some exercise on my bike; to take more books to the used book store for credit. This morning when I stopped by the store, there was a younger guy working there, instead of Ron, the owner. I had been mulling over what it would be like to work in a book store again. Kestrel seems like a nice place to work: cat, nice neighborhood, and I could probably work very part-time, which is good for an illustrator. Right now I just finished an art job, and I’ve got 5 more. Very very busy time for me.

Tomorrow I’m going in to Chilliwack to visit Sid and practice with the band. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a practice. I hope we can work on some new songs, a new album is way overdue.

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  1. Wanna know what else never sleeps…? And just sits there at the door, staaaaaring at me, like I’ve hidden you in the closet and won’t let you out.

  2. Far worse than that under achieving evil Gollum! A clue. “What’s black and white and meow’s all over?” Mhahahahahaaa…

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