I find it interesting that when 40 people are killed in Britain there is a much larger media reaction than when 40 people are killed in Iraq.

Of course Bush will use this to justify his fear-mongering, which may be the worst news of all for most of us.

3 Replies to “Sad”

  1. how soon they forget the media coverage of the initial foray into Iraq. you couldn’t swing a dead cat without seeing news coverage of that.

    Iraq is old news now. London is where it is at. That is where all the media is. Especially with the G8 summit in the UK, the live 8 concerts, the WW2 celebrations and the fact that they just got the 2012 Olympics.

  2. Bush already has justified (or tried to) his fear-mongering. A statement given by Bush at the G8 yesterday had the expected “the war-on-terror continues” crap.

    God to see George sticking his oar in. I don’t know how we would have coped without him…

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