Snore of the Worlds

I just saw War of the Worlds and I’ll say this: It makes a great trailer.

If you go see it, do it for the right reasons: giant space machines blowing shit up and disintegrating people. Have no illusions about the characters or even the story. I’ve seen the original movie, and read parts of the book. I still want to see the book adapted right: in the century it was set. Not the 50’s, not the 21st century. Now that would be cool. This one is lazy story-telling.

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  1. Thank you for validating my prediction. This upholds my theory that the quality of 90% of movies can be predicted by watching trailers. George Lucas is exempt, because for some reason he can make kick-ass trailers out of shitty movies.

  2. I’d heard that a small Brit company was in pre-production on a faithful production of the book, set in the appropriate time period and locations, but it was crushed when Stevie announced his remake of the ’53 movie (which itself was only loosely based on the book) as investors saw no advantage to doing it. Maybe some company will do it for cable TV.

  3. well i went expecting nothing by spaceships blowing shit up and liked the film. it wasn’t great but i got what i expected.

    were you disappointed because you would prefer a 1898 setting? what exactly didn’t you like? i know what i disliked. i’m curious to see what you hated.

  4. There were no sympathetic characters at all in the movie. Everyone was annoying in their own way and I wanted to see them get disintegrated. The story had huge plot holes – the obvious one being the camcorder at the beginning, plus the whole idea of the ships being buried for a million years in Boston. That’s just for starters. There were so many things wrong with the story.

    I wouldn’t have minded a modern day adaptation, if they had done it well. But they didn’t do anything well, except for the effects.

  5. Cynics! Is nothing ever good enough? Can’t we be content that the trailers for ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ and ‘King Kong’ shall reproduce Hollywood lore to its full majestry? Nothing will ever be good enough for our generation! All we have to look forward to in respect to moviedom is adequate reproductions of movies from yonder years, done with today’s hi-tech software to more accurately depict events that we could only imagine from the original novels. Damn, I just hope the ‘Fantastic Four’ is any good…

  6. The British War of the Worlds film is produced by Pendragon Pictures.

    The trailers so far look low-budget but seem to keep to the feel of the books. I’ll happily get the DVD when it’s released as it looks like there’ll be not theatrical release near me. šŸ™

  7. There are in fact 3 war of the worlds movies out now, the Dreamworks one (in cinemas) the Asylum Film one (straight to dvd modern version) and the Pendragon version (was to be in cinemas but went straight to dvd 1898 England based on the book version). Jeff Wayne is working on a big-budget CGI version of his musical. Now, go to my site and Obey the Tentacle!

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