Everything is going according to my master plan

Friday I went to the Drexoll Canada Day Game-a-thon and played Carcassonne and LOSER! and Clans with Sheri, Stephane, David Bradley and Ursula. I almost won Carcassonne even though I wasn’t trying. LOSER! was pretty fun and I’d play it again, along with Clans. They were both relatively short games. I’ve been thinking about dragging Conquest Beyond out again, but only thinking.

Other than that, yesterday was spent drawing, watching Samurai Jack & Loonie Tunes & Dr Who (“old school”) and playing Knights of the Old Republic. The part on board the sith ship the Invigilator with Admiral Snackbar was my favourite part of the game so far.

Today I had an excellent bike ride home and I stopped by about 5 garage sales. I picked up a walkman for three bucks (it’s exactly like Marlo’s) so now I can give Stewie back the one he lent me before I break it. Huzzah! Next on my list – ear bud headphones.

5 Replies to “Everything is going according to my master plan”

  1. I was gonna BUY you earbuds for your birthday, but I thought you already had some. Make sure to buy 10 pairs, since they break every other day or so. Lousy earbuds.

    LOL, Admiral Snackbar. You will like the part I’m playing right now. It’s fucking insane. I don’t want to give you spoilers if you don’t want them. KOTOR is better than sleeping.

  2. Darrell said I can’t listen to music anymore at work, so it’s all immaterial now anyway! Boohoo!

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