Today Stephane and I went to play basketball but we were the only two who showed. We played 21. Then we found two pylons and set them up on the court, and tried to get balls to bounce as little as possible off rebound shots and land in between the pylongs. Then we made up a game where we kicked the pylons towards the place we found them and tried to get them there with as few kicks as possible – like golf with pylons. We called it gylon. We tied at that game, every other game we played I lost. But I got sweaty so that was good.

In Greece, New York, Bush discussed his plan for Social Security. “You got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in,” he explained, “to kind of catapult the propaganda.”

NASA planned to put a laser in orbit around the moon.

Three hundred thousand residents of Beijing have been moved out of their homes to make room for the 2008 Olympics; some of those who protested the evictions have been jailed.

In North Carolina a man was released from prison after serving thirty-five years of his life sentence for stealing a $140 TV set, and in Waxahachie, Texas, the high school student yearbook neglected to include a girl’s name in a photo caption, referring to her instead as “Black Girl.”

A road crew in San Jose, California, dug a fresh 10-by-15-foot pothole so that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger could be photographed filling it.

The nine members of Thailand’s anti-corruption commission were found guilty of corruption.

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  1. What is funny is that Gylon is my name. I am sorry but I will have to sue you for using my name on this site…….. HA, no I am kidding, but my real name is gylon. Wow, I even have a game named after me!!!

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