The Summer of 2005.

Well summer is here, and I’m getting friction rashes in hard to reach places from working at the warehouse. The sunny days are way too hot. After work today I just wanted to crawl into a hole…a cool hole…but I had D&D to get ready for.

I am on a new diet. On this new diet I am cutting down on carbs, fat, and most importantly, sugar. The special terms of the diet is that I can eat all the junk food I want as long as I don’t buy it. So far this week has been pretty good as one of the guys at work had a kid and brought in a bunch of Indian sweets, and the next day we had a company BBQ involving donuts, chips, ice cream, pop, and hot dogs. Then tonight Kelly brought her chocolates as usual.

I’ve been having lots of weird dreams lately. Dreams about being an invisible Caesar, dreams about killing a hoodlum who stabbed my brother, dreams about giant dandruff flakes and sex with girls at work, and annoying dreams involving my parents. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, either, and I got in shit for being late for work yesterday. Sometimes I wish I were fired but I know that’s unwise.

But the good news is that I’ve been seeing lots of movies lately and tomorrow I’m seeing Serenity, which I’m pretty sure will be awesome, if it’s even only one step up from the series.

Also Geisel will be running a D&D session next week in which I get to play for a change (instead of DMing), and I’m really looking forward to it. After that we might play some Call of Cthulhu, and I’ll also be adapting a CoC adventure to the SSZ mod, which Stewie calls “E.I.” and is kind of a Kolchack meets Ghostbusters meets Buffy meets X-Files meets…I don’t know what.

3 Replies to “The Summer of 2005.”

  1. Maybe your all ‘coffee-bean’ diet has something to do with your poor sleep. I guess I better nix my plans of shanking your brother so I can sell his spleen and buy Crystal Meth.


  2. your plan will still work chris. have somebody stab Merrick on the other side of town, far from your place. While Toren is on the other side of Chilliwack killing that guy, you stab Merrick at your place and BAM! you get away scot free.

  3. what about your parents? Yes, we are still here, but barely, selling the condo and packing, and thinking of all the hassel is a hassel. Could it be your diet that is giving you weird dreams. X’s, Mom, sent you a card birthday boy

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