We had a game called "Chew the bark off the tree"

I didn’t do any artwork this weekend. I planned it. I had finished my last piece for my last job on Thursday, and although I have assignments, the deadlines are a comfortable pace away. So I spent a lot of time with friends. On Friday Marlo’s folks took us out to Cipriano’s (Yvonne I saw you walk by but you didn’t see me even though you looked in), then I slept over at Marlo’s and we watched Firefly episodes and played Knights of the Old Republic. On Saturday we went to a BBQ to see our gamer friends Martin and Adelaide off out of the province. Back to Quebec with them. There I saw Michael Beck and Bev and Shawn Wowk and his little spawn Madoka, and Jon Dawes and Adrian etc etc. Then, back to my place where Stewie was having a zombie fest with Darcey and Taylor. After a change of clothes and a shower we went back to Marlo’s to watch Superman cartoons and Justice League and Firefly. The next morning, more Knights of the Old Republic and a long walk, and then to Sheri’s surprise birthday party at Incendio’s Pizza in gastown. The food was great and we saw Stephane & Sheri who we learned are now engaged (to be married, before you ask). We talked about old cartoons with the people across the table from us whose names I forget. I think my brand new Rocket Robin Hood shirt was partially the catalyst, along with Batman Begins.

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