Back to work and back to gaming

In a shocking turn of events, this week has been laden with roleplaying. Last Thursday, because of Cloud City and drawing deadlines, I postponed the Terak D&D campaign to Sunday afternoon. So that was 2 days ago. Tonight we played the Venger D&D campaign and we’re back to our regular Thursdays this week so that’s another game in 2 days. Then on Saturday Marlo & I are playing in David’s Star Trek game at the Drexoll Game Day. Four out of seven days gaming. That’s a lot, even for me.

I hadn’t been to work in 2 weeks because of art (thank gord) but this week it was back to the shelves for me. Yesterday I was in pretty good spirits but today was really slow. Luckily I had Chris’ walkman and Chris’ headphones to get me through it, plus the anticipation of D&D!

Tonight’s game was fun but there was a lot of off-topic conversation and general distraction all around. I don’t know what it was – if it was the adventure or if people were just antsy and bored because it was one of those days – but it was frustrating to try to keep the game on track. Hopefully it will be better on Thursday.

In the news: The Department of Homeland Security announced that it had wasted a great deal of money and needed much more. Also: the Mesa, Arizona, police department applied for funding to buy and train a tiny monkey that they can dress in a kevlar vest and send into dangerous situations.

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