Was ist das?

I got a book in the mail from Germany. It is all in German, and it’s all about Star Wars. It has Chris Woods’ painting of the band in the Millennium Falcon and a little card in it that says “thanks.” It was totally unexpected, but very interesting to flip through and try to decipher. There’s a two-page spread of fangirls dressed in the Leia slave girl outfit.

3 Replies to “Was ist das?”

  1. Ok I see that you said there was a two page spread of the fangirls dressed in Leia Slave girl outfit. Where did you get this book and do you know where these pictures where taken from? C3 in Indy by any chance? Because if so I am one of these Slave Girls and would love to be able to get a copy of this thing!

  2. Well Dena, it’s all in German but it references a website called leiasmetalbikini.com

  3. That would be us then, I am on that site! How would I be able to get a copy of this book? Thanks

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