I seem to be having this tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle

Marlo, Stewie, Taylor and I went to see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy at the new Paramount Theater downtown. The theater is so-so. They have a Taco Bell and a KFC and all manner of unpleasant fast food options, with the added attraction of the employees still trying to get the hang of their new jobs. I bought a bubble tea, which was about 50 cents too expensive (for the size) and harbored too much ice for this sailor. The theater seats were good. All in all – it’s no Tinseltown.

The movie was great. Lots of fun. Sam Rockwell’s performance made me realize how much of a one-dimensional character Zaphod Beeblebrox is. That’s not to say that Rockwell’s performance was bad. It was good. He did as much as he could with the role, I thought. Ford Prefect kind of took a back seat to the Arthur/Trillian angle. That’s not really a complaint, just a surprise. Like Marlo, I wasn’t thrilled with the design of Marvin. I thought it was almost anime in design, and out of place, but I tolerated it well enough. I really liked the design of the Vogons, the graphics on the guide itself, and all the stuff with Magrathea was highly enjoyable. The falling whale voiced by Bill Bailey is a modern classic. I was also greatly gratified that the used the original music for the opening credits. Now every time I see one of the HHGTTG books at work, I start whistling it. 7/10. Wished it was longer.

Oh yes, and Marlo and I both brought our towels to the theater.