The Kind of Post that Bores You

This weekend past I went to Chilliwack to do a little chill but not iwack. Marlo and I took a Greyhound and I read the Globe and Mail (what an odd name) while Marlo read Lolita. We got a fine sampling of white trash, especially around the Abbotsford stop. We did the mandatory shopping at Bibles for Missions and all clothing was half price, meaning that the two shirts I bought that would have normall cost $4 total only cost me $2. I love shopping for clothes there, especially because I’m supporting those Kwazy Kwistians! Chris Woods showed up and drove us the half mile to Value Village where things were still 5 times as expensive, and where I bought another light shortsleeve shirt that will serve me well in the boiler room that my apartment will become this summer.

Apres that we picked up Angie and went to a few garage sales where I picked up some muscle mags and wooden spoons and a board game for Sheri & Stephane. Marlo got a pillow in the shape of a turtle and a C3PO plush doll, Angie got a sombrero and Chris got a tooth pulling device. The garage sales were dense and plentiful in the ruraburbs. We got lunch and pie at the Airport Cafe. The pie, as usual, was divine. I asked two of the waitresses what the best pie was (out of some 30 choices) – I think they should make a pie sampling plate. One bite of all the pies. Mmmmmm. Remind me next time to substitute mashed potatoes or some such for the hashbrowns. Their hashbrowns are my least favourite kind (reference my hash brown post from June 2004), shredded, soggy and white. I had to smother them in ketchup to choke them down. I even asked the waitress to bring them back crispy, but when they came she said “sorry, the cook couldn’t do it.” Think about that for a moment.

We went back to the Woods’ and lazed about, and played a game of Magic: The Gathering. Marlo has played twice now, and won both times for some unsuspicious reason. Oh, wait – I know why: because I didn’t play my killer undefeatable deck. Next time, Marmalo…next time. We also got a sneak peak at Chris’ up and coming paintings and were wowed. I was also wowed by the bigass sword that I walked away with in hand. I plan to bloody that thing up pretty good, and maybe use it for some photo referencing if it happens to come up. Huzzah!

Tara Pratt, wife of Jordan Pratt, plumber and drummer, was having her work in a little art show in the basement gallery of the Chilliwack Arts Center. We saw Garett & Lea, who made a much better art display than some of the pieces, although to be honest I spent a lot more time appreciating the food than the art. There was a post-art-show-soiree at J&T’s house in Abbotsford, which was a new experience for me, and we sat around and talked while we listened to Beck and said cutesy things to the two dogs and two cats. Tara has a mini-salon that she converted out of a bedroom, so if you’re in Abby and you need a haircut, give her a call. She’s given me many a fine ‘do, including the short purple number with the grid shaved into it. Jordan showed us his collection of converted plastic toy guns, and we mused as to why men like guns so much.

The next morning I played some video games before Marlo got up, and then we had breakfast and hopped in the car to drive to Coquitlame and the Silvercity movie theater. It looks pretty much exactly like the Richmond one. I had two Taco Bell bean burritos and then we watched Kung Fu Hustle and we sure did get a kick out of that! Especially when Marlo kicked me. Keyed up on Fu moves, we took our chi to the Deluxe Moderne Burger, but were thwarted – it was still closed. The Sunshine Diner, our second choice – also closed. The Naam – open. I was still semi-packed with burrito and had just spent $7 at Drexoll Games on D&D miniatures so I managed to avoid ordering anything, and instead mooched of Marlo’s dragon bowl (now with 10% more dragon).

The kids dropped me off at home and I managed to drag all my booty upstairs to find that there was still a piece of feta-kalamata olive-sundried tomato Panago pizza left in the fridge. Overall, a very successful weekend!

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  1. hi, we are home, why didn’t you call your big brother when you were in the “wack”, he missed out on all the fun. talked to him on the phone since he doesn’t have email yet. X’s

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