Thanks Stephane

Trailers are bad because they show you too much of a movie. Unless you weren’t interested in the movie but the trailer gets you interested. But I was already interested in seeing Howl’s Moving Castle (mov file). The other bad thing about this particular trailer is that it’s dubbed. I think I’ll see the movie in the theater if the only way to do so is dubbed, but I’d much prefer if someone offers the subtitled version.

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  1. Sub-title, dubbed is always a big debate, but it really depends on the voice acting and quality of the translation. Sub-titles have two very big problems for me. First, they take my eye away from the movie and the dialogue is never complete. I have seen English movies with French sub-titles and at least 50% of the dialoque was missing. So, while I was once a film snob who would NEVER view a dubbed film, I have found that I much prefer a well dubbed film over a well sub-titled version. Of course I tend to be only supported by movie folks and not film people on this one.

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