The mail guy buzzed up this morning and said he had something for “Toren Atkinson.” Oh that’s me! I knew what it was – my boxed set of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoons that was released in the UK. I bought it off an American, ironically, off of eBay for less than half price. I was so excited about it that I put the first of 4 discs in and the beginning production line logos etc started coming up when I realized the stereo was not on and there would be no sound. I bolted over to the stereo to turn it on before anything important happened but I carelessly ran into the chair and stubbed my toe really badly. It still hurts and I think it just might be fractured or maybe even broken. It’s my ‘ring’ toe on my right foot, in case anybody wants to stomp on it. I can almost bend it all the way, but it hurts to move it or when it touches anything.

Anyway – that’s how excited I was. And the set is pretty awesome. I wasn’t expecting much for extras, but they had an interview with the guy who wrote my favourite (darker) episodes and who also wrote the final episode that was never produced (but they include the script online). There are about 8 or 10 episodes on each disc, and 2 episodes per disc have audio commentaries by the people who put the set together, so basically they’re fan commentaries. When I read that on the box I thought “oh great, this will suck” but they actually really know their stuff and they’re pretty funny. They constantly root for Uni being horribly killed. The UK accents are a little thick sometimes though. They include the series bible and I learned that Presto’s actual name is Albert.


So this will bring some extra umph to my Venger campaign.

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  1. unless you can get Dungeon Master to cast Heal on your toe, there isn’t much you can do if you broke it. A doctor will just tell you to ride it out or possibly put it in a splint. i know. i broke my toe when i was in Australia and the doctor there told me what every other doctor and nurse informed me when I said I had a broken toe: “there is nothing we can do.”

  2. It feels much better today but still hurts a bit to bend. Hopefully it will be 100% healed for my trip to Chilliwack.

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