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Watched a documentary called Outfoxed yesterday and I recommend it to all. It’s about how Fox “Fair and Balanced” news is neither. I knew that Fox was bad, but I didn’t know they were that bad.

I haven’t been watching many movies lately. The last movie I saw in the theater was The Incredibles…or was it Life Aquatic…both of which I loved. I have no interest in seeing Sin City as I didn’t care much for the comic and I hear it’s a faithful adaptation. I will go see Hitchhiker’s Guide and Kung Fu Hustle, and most likely Charlie and the Chocolate Factory unless it gets bad reviews. Other possibles include Revenge of the Sith, Romance & Cigarettes, Batman Begins (though I don’t like the costume). Fantastic Four looks bad so I’ll probably avoid it, though not to the extent of Daredevil I hope. I would be interested in seeing Stephen Tobolowsky’s Birthday Party if it comes to Tinseltown. Anyone know what Kontroll is all about?

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  1. Ang and I went to see Sin City for the second time last night. I KNOW Marlo would love Elijah Wood’s role. Uuuh… it was pretty good.

    To heck with those people that think ‘genre’ films can’t be just as artful and satisfying as ‘literary’ films. I mean, what did we learn from ‘City of God’ for instance that we don’t get from Sin City as well?

    Style can sometimes have a substance of its own. Give Sin City a try Toren. It would be a shame to miss it on the big screen. Although I know you’re a bit of a shrinking violet and the violence might give you nightmares.

  2. Would you say Sin City is as good as Kill Bill? Because I didn’t like Kill Bill. I need something more than style for my money. I’m sure I’ll see Sin City eventually but I don’t see any pressing need to see it in the theater. I’m not really as impressed with special effects as I used to be.

  3. Oh it was better than ‘Kill Bill’. Definitely better. More concise, not as flabby, clipped along better. And no Carradines of any kind present! It was more believable if you can believe it.

    Yeah, it’s more style than substance. Yeah, its sexist, its violent, it’s corny. It’s a COMIC book. Like Warren said, it’s noir. You wouldn’t knock ‘Terms of Endearment’ for being a chick movie would you? Well, I guess I would.

    Point is, it ain’t supposed to be Citizen Kane. It’s reaffimed my love of Mickey Rourke. His acting that is.

  4. Ya sure Chris. His acting. I saw that worn out copy of 9 1/2 weeks in your studio.

    I second Chris’ assessment. I have recently rewatched Kill Bill and I would say Sin City is way better than Kill Bill. I was left pretty flat with Kill Bill especially upon a second viewing.

    Sin City is definitely worth seeing on the big screen. It is a visually inspired movie and i think seeing it on a small screen wouldn’t do it justice. Besides, it is noir and if you want to see the Big Sleep, then I think you’ll want to see this film.

    OH! Kontroll is supposed to be a cool film about subway stations and the people that work/dwell around them. It is a Hungarian film and I hear it is a surreal thriller. If it makes it to a theater in Vancouver, I’d like to check it out. The odds of me renting it in Abby are next to nil.

    Check IMDB (which you should always do when wondering about a film). In fact, I’ll do it for you. Here is the url:

  5. ah but it would have been if it could have been. Sin City was a bit extreme but i bet if they made the big sleep now, it would be bloodier and more profane.

  6. Hey, who doesn’t enjoy a good castration scene now and again? It really clears the head. Like a cool mountain breeze…

  7. Warren, why would it have been if it could have been? I know the censorship of the era, but still, why would it have been? It’s such a product of its time that I don’t think you can take something like that and try to place it in a modern context.

  8. See that also troubles me – movies that aren’t worth seeing if they’re not seen on the big screen, or are less worth. There are so many movies in the world – I want to see the good movies, not the movies that just look good.

    And also, noir as a genre I can take or leave. Usually I leave it. I want to see the Big Sleep for a number of reasons, mainly because it’s purportedly a very good movie, it’s a classic, and for the cast.

    Let me put it this way – unless someone takes me to see Sin City, I probably won’t see it on the big screen. I’d rather spend my money on a rental from something on my list. The only thing that drew me to the original Sin City comic was the art, and it didn’t hold my interest. If Frank Miller animated the movie, I would be SLIGHTLY more interested in seeing it.

    But maybe I’m missing the point.

  9. Sin City was great, but I do have to agree with you that if you didn’t like the comic, you’re not likely to like the movie (like, what is it with all the likes all of a sudden). Great performances and design, though. There’s lots of violence, but it’s over-the-top cartoon violence like Robocop…

    Kung Fu Hustle rocks. It’s by the same guy that did Shaolin Soccer, but even better.

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