The weekend past

This week I’ll be trying to meet an art deadline, so don’t expect much on the blog front.

Friday night was Justice League night but I was disappointed by the second half of “The Once and Future Thing.” Even though I like time travel stories they did it pretty half-baked, and in lieu of explaining anything they just showed fight scenes where the JL used consistently bad fighting tactics (silly super heroes, you can fly!).

Chris Woods came into town on Saturday night and we played Magic: The Gathering and watched MST3K. Fun! I made an elf deck for Marlo and now she wants to play more. Mwoooohahahaha

D&D was fun yesterday – remorhaz, mountain goats, and draconids. Afterwards we (Taylor, Marlo, Stewie, me) had access to a car, thanks to Stewie’s business meeting in Seattle today, so went to the Superstore where shopping is a mind-boggling experience and I bought some wasabi peas. We also ate at Red Onion where I had a chicken burger (the wait was long but the food was good) and on the way back to the car we stumbled onto a bubble tea place that I had to sample. While we waited for our food we watched George Lucas on 60 minutes comparing his movie-making choices to his choices of painting a house.

Today everyone at work was in a bad mood. My supervisor apparently got in a fight with his girlfriend (who also works there) so he was swearing and pissed off all day. Taylor hurt his thumb in the morning but despite my prompting, didn’t leave until 4pm.

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  1. all the tofu I bought at Stupidstore was bad, even though the expiry date is April 23rd.

    I now hate Stupidstore even more.

  2. Ah Marlo, I think it’s aupposed to taste that way! 🙂 You’ve discovered the hidden cost of lower price big-box joints!

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