The things in entertainment that annoy me, that aren't actually the entertainment.

I read an interesting article in the Globe & Mail while I was at Marlo’s the other day, about the new decency act and how Spongebob came under fire for promoting family variety and some cartoon rabbit that interacts with live action was likewise denounced for showing (if not actually addressing) lesbian parents. It was a pretty interesting article and basically, tons of Christians are worried that a cartoon character is promoting the acceptance of homosexuality. Promoting tolerance is more like it. I think they’re calling it a “rainbow alert.” Now who’s evil? I am really getting tired of the way the word “family” is becoming a sugar-coated variant of “Christian gay bashers.” I am not known for being a huge proponent of family values, but if this keeps up ‘family’ is likely to become a four-letter word.

Mike then brought this Rolling Stone quote or paraphrasing to my attention:

… under a bill recently passed by the House that would raise the maximum fine on indecency to $500,000 per violation, Bono’s “f***ing brilliant” remark would be put on an equal footing, so far as government fines are concerned, as “illegally testing pesticides on human subjects.” Moreover, the magazine noted, “You could cause the wrongful death of an elderly patient in a nursing home and still have enough money left to create dangerous mishaps at two nuclear reactors.”

While checking that out, I also read this tidbit:

An Illinois lawmaker has proposed a law that would require theaters to list two starting times — one for the trailers and ads; the other for the actual beginning of the feature.

Good idea. The last movie I went to had about 20 minutes of ads and trailers. Maybe more I don’t remember. Stewie and Marlo were with me. I think it was The Incredibles? Maybe? Doesn’t matter. All I know is I want a bubble tea at Tinseltown. And finally:

Several critics complained that the Oscar producers, in their effort not to offend, removed the edginess from host Chris Rock’s distinctive humor. “[Rock] had to be so circumscribed and restrained that it had a negative impact on what he could bring to the table,

That really doesn’t come as a surprise, given what little I’ve heard of Rock’s stand up. I wonder if David Cross would ever accept a hosting job like that.

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