The TV! The TV!

Last night was a long-awaited new episode of Justice League. I used to tape lots of shows regularly and with discipline – Enterprise, Rocket Robin Hood, Justice League, Superfriends, Clone High, X-Men Evolution, Powerpuff Girls. Now I tape Battlestar Galactica & Enterprise. Enterprise has just a few more episodes left and then it’s done. BSG I will continue to tape, and when Justice League gets more episodes, I’ll be on those too. Once in a while, when I happen to be home and happen to remember, I tape Star Trek “Classic” and Home Movies. But they are not shows I arrange my schedule around. The good thing about BSG & Enterprise is they’re on 2 or 3 times a week so I can catch them without sacrificing other plans.

Anyway, Justice League was cool because they’re visiting the future – the future of Batman Beyond. Some will remember that series from a couple years back. It was generally quite good. It also ties in with Static Shock, another DC series that tied in with Batman/Superman/Justice League a couple of times in the past few years. Except Static Shock is all grown up now and part of the JL of the future. The bad news is that Marlo has just 7 days to become educated about Batman Beyond before she sees the 2nd part of this Justice League.

The important episodes are:
The 2 part origin story (with George Takei)
The episode where Mr Freeze gets a new body (he’s practically immortal you know)
The episode that’s a send-up of the Fantastic Four (a Marvel, not a DC property)
The “Return of the Joker” movie that introduces the bad guys seen at the very end of this week’s JL episode and explains what happened to Robin.
The return of Ra’s Al Ghul
The 2-parter where Terry (the new Batman) joins the contemporary Justice League
And maybe the Sentries of the Last Cosmos episode where they do a send up of Star Wars & nerds in general.
Henry Rollins, Jason Marsden, Seth Green, Paul Winfield, William H Macy, John Ritter, Alexis Denisof

ps – there are 5 hours of Superfriends tonight starting at 1am. Cool.