Lousy Smarch Weather

The weekend before last was, for me, the first garage sale of the year. Hooray! It’s like the swallows returning to Capistrano. I bought a handy little lamp. Some girl at some house on some street was having some garage sale and there were 6 Lovecraft books, and a bunch of other stuff that I wanted, but none of which I actually needed, and since I still have to watch my wallet pending some overdue payments from publishers, I didn’t end up buying anything. I think the girl must have been a friend of Kier-La’s because there was a bunch of Cinemuerte stuff.

On Friday I had another miniature painting potluck which was much more successful than the previous one. Only Marlo & Nathan came to that one (and we ended up playing Talisman). This time we had Gibbons, Bev, Kelly & Paul, Marlo and Stewie, and I painted a bunch of little guys. Marlo brought a lot of expensive cheeses which I slightly melted when I put them on top of the stove to get them out of the way (I was baking candied yams inside the stove at the time). Kelly brought some delicious chocolate mousse.

On Saturday I helped Taylor move into his new place. It took less than 3 hours from start to finish and I got a free breakfast at Bon’s out of the deal, and I got to ride in the back of a rented van with Marlo. We hit some garage sales with the van and Marlo got a chair and Stewie got a filing cabinet.

Saturday night we (Stewie, Marlo, Stephane, Sheri & I) went to see The Animation Show at the Ridge and it was fantastic. My favourite was Ward 13. I loved the way that there was a lot of action, but the hero didn’t actually spend much time in fisticuffs, it was all hilarious accidental acrobatics and jedi-like cane fights. And a cthulhoid like monster to boot! It had everything going for it. Check out the front page image of http://www.ward13.com.au/ for an idea, and you can download the trailer from there too.

On Sunday we played D&D and we got the details down for all the new monstrous bodies that the characters have had their minds swapped with (1000 years in the past). They’re in a vast library right now that holds the spirit of a semi-dead god of knowledge, and they’re boning up on their skills. The barbarian is even trying to learn how to read. They met a new jovial little cyclops named Gorlock who will be travelling with them to make sure all the cool magic items they’re borrowing from the library are safely returned after their quest.

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  1. heh, no doubt, re: Gibbons. I thought of it the moment I saw it.

    My favorite thing about Gorlock (and I really like him) is his ridiculous, flamboyant, Woody-Allen sounding voice. Top notch.

    Also, Toren painted the TINIEST FIGURE EVER for me – a Quickling Faen, which is like a halfling except smaller and more elven. It looks awesome.

    Not sure how we’re gonna do the sprites! šŸ˜‰ Maybe we should just paint them with one shade of metallic iridescent (sp?) paint and be done with it.

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