The most horrific thing I've ever seen was on the internet

This other day I had a dream that I was watching the news and they were reporting on this cult that committed mass suicide by poisoning themselves. The anchor warned that the scene would be graphic, and then they showed one of the guys take a pill or whatever and then start screaming “No! No!” and making gutteral noises and writhing around in pain. Finally he was in so much agony that he started digging into his own stomach with his hands and ripping out his innards, all the while screaming horrifically. It was pretty gross!

It reminded me of the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen, in all seriousness, which I will tell you about now, if you’re not faint of heart.

Seriously – this is disturbing even to read about, so if you don’t want to read about real life horrific death, do not continue.

I watched a video (on the internet, of course) that showed some Russians (Chechnian rebels or something – I don’t really know. I don’t really know how to spell Chechnian either). Okay screw sentence structure. These two guys (plus the cameraman I must infer) had another guy held at gun point on the top of this little hillock, and they were saying some stuff into the camera and to this guy who looked like he had pissed his pants several times over. They took a big knife and stuck it into the side of this poor guy’s throat and then started sawing towards the front – wow I’m having trouble even finishing this sentence. You could hear him groaning or yelling but it just turned into a gurgling noise as they cut through all the voice stuff and right through to the front, and then sawed off the rest of the flesh and bone at the back. It was really really awful. It didn’t help that something about my video/sound card has always been screwed up since I got my computer so that it played in slow motion for extra creepy effect.

That in turn reminds me that my brother was first on the scene of a murder, which I won’t go into details on the internet, but somebody was shot in the head point blank, as I recall, and the murderer was semi-conscious right next to her. What a mess. Ah, the human race.

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  1. mine was when i stumbled upon a body that had been lieing exposed to the elements for about three days, in Georgia the summers are very hot and wet and i smelled the corpse before i saw it, but the stomach gases had caused the abdomen to rupture and the body was writhing with Maggots. it was the most horrible thing ive ever seen.

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