Well it's not 23 million…

I was talking to Taylor on the bus ride home about how after someone wins a big lottery, less people buy tickets because the jackpot is not as big. People – you’re dumb! I’d be happy with a return of $2 on a $1 ticket. Anyway, I won a contest on Teletoon for some spy toys – walkie talkies, “spy vision” goggles, a watch, and a Teletoon notebook & pen. Pretty neat! I just filled out the paperwork and I have to wait for Stewie to get home to sign as witness.

2 Replies to “Well it's not 23 million…”

  1. You won?? You suck Toren!! That’s my stuff and you stole it with your evil mind control machine atop Mount Pustule! Weenie Beanie! Don’t sign Stewie, he’ll want it in blood!

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