Nerd TV

I was interviewed by…Shaw I think, at the gaming convention this weekend. So watch out for me on everyone’s favourite channel: 4. Kathryn did a good job of promoting the con so not only did the TV people com, but we got a mention in the (Westender?) which made fun of nerds and mentioned that the event was free (it was not). I tried not to say anything too stupid in front of the camera – time will tell if I succeeded, or if the bit even makes it onto the tube. I mentioned how D&D is not quite the stigma it used to be, thanks to video games, and that gamers range all genders, age groups, and walks of life. Of all the gaming stores that support the VGG, I only mentioned Drexoll Games and Checkpoint Charlie’s, and I also forgot to mention our website. Oh well, at least I had fantastic hair.

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