Eggs Actly

I am truly amazed at how bad my feet smell after a day at work. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

My lunch at work usually consists of: a banana (which I eat at first break); two hard boiled eggs; an apple; raisins; sunflower seeds; sometimes a bag of chips or a candy bar from the machines in the lunch room. During the holidays add 2 mandarin oranges. Last Wednesday I opened my bag to find that there were no eggs. I had a memory of boiling the eggs that morning, but since they weren’t in my bag, I wondered if I had left them at home. Worse yet, I wondered if I left them in the pot, boiling. At first break (I technically start work at 8:30 and first break is 10:30) I decided I had to wake up Stewie to check to see if the kitchen was on fire. I called him and just asked him to check the kitchen. When I got home, he told me there were no eggs at all – not in a pot nor on the counter. So that was fine. Clearly I had a false memory.

Today, as I was leaving work, I saw a Sunshine Market bag on the filing cabinet that is in the locker room at work. It’s where I put my bag when I pull out my music tapes ‘n’ stuff. Inside were my two eggs. They smelled a bit (being 6 days at room temperature) but I so desperately wanted to eat them. Wasted food is one of my pet peeves. Or, if not a peeve, I just think it’s tragic, because food is so yummy. Anyway Taylor talked me out of it, so when we got outside I hucked one onto the road for kicks. That was satisfying, but not as satisfying as rolling the other out onto Marine Drive and waiting for a car to run over it. Ho ho! It was just about a foot out of the rut that the tires go, but eventually a bus nicked it. Then a sports car changing lanes and oh the mess it made! Fun for the whole family.

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  1. and who else is interested in your daily diet? except your mom? Take care, and don’t eat any rotten eggs, and dont’t cause any accidents with your rotten eggs, either. Guess who is down here, Mr. and Mrs. Nicol, Garett’s parents. Yahoo…fun times.
    bye for now, Mom

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