I don't use the term 'laid up' enough

I got sick this weekend! So that’s fun. I got sick on Friday night, when Marlo rented the special edition of Return of the King (more on that later). The sore throat and cough came with a massive headache and even though I was supposed to draw, I just couldn’t do anything. Going for a walk seemed to help the headache. We walked to Marlo’s on Saturday so she could get some stuff done at home and I laid down on her bed. The next thing I knew I was being woken up. I felt well enough to draw on Saturday so that’s what I did while Marmar and I watched the Return of the King extras (we both cried, it was cute. She asked me what was wrong with my nose). Today we walked to Starbucks in the sunshine and it took a lot out of me, but I’m good to draw some more, and people are coming over to watch The Big Kahuna tonight!

2 Replies to “I don't use the term 'laid up' enough”

  1. Speaking of drawing, I just got my copy of “Black Company” rpg, your etchings rock Macbin, nice work man! Have you gotten a chance to
    play it yet? GRP is offering a discount to those that worked on it, I assume that would include you. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a tester credit, in fact
    none of my group did- all that playing for what….oh yea, fun. -Jeff Curtis

  2. I haven’t played it yet – or in fact seen it yet! I’m glad you enjoyed my little artses. Artists & writers get contributor copies.

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