Antijects? Conjects? PROjects!

Project 1: When trying to take the stitches out of your former mole-hole, a pair of hair scissors and a utility knife do not, literally, cut it. Plus I can’t see a damn thing because it’s underneath my nipple. So after trying unsuccessfully for about ten minutes (except for the bleeding and pain parts – those were successful), I gave up until Marlo arrived later in the day. Even though Marlo’s mom is a nurse, Marlo herself is pretty Squamish, I mean squeamish, so I knew it would be troublesome. But, she hit upon the idea of using a needle and that worked like gangbusters!

Project 2: I got the free bed frame from Sam by calling the Vancouver Taxi and asking for a van. There was a $10 surcharge for bed frame transport, so it ended up costing me $20 in all but I was not dissatisfied with that. Sam showed me his new surround sound system by watching the battle at the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring. It occured to me this morning that (and I know that Marlo will make me sit in the corner for speaking out of turn) the main character of the movie is probably the most boring character. I don’t blame Elijah Wood so much, there’s just not much for him to do as an actor besides looked glum and troubled. But I digress.

I cleaned out my room to some extent, and made space for the new frame. Marlo and I put together the new frame with screws and nails and two very special alan wrenches. It worked like a big wooden bed-shaped charm. Even though I love that old wooden plank that Chris Woods lovingly carpented for me close to a decade ago, I couldn’t pass up the free bedframe, so the fruit of Chris’ lathe got flushed.

Stewie: “What are we doing with this?”
Toren: “Taking it down to the basement.”
Stewie: “I thought we weren’t allowed to put our junk in there.”
Toren: “Well who’s going to know that it’s mine?”
Stewie (grabbing one end of the board and opening the door): “I guess that depends on how quiet we are taking it downstairs.”
Toren: *SLAM!*

Project 3: Last night Stewie installed into my computer, while Marlo watched Monk and I looked gayly on, several more gigabytes of hard drive space and a new video card. I now have 16 gigs of hard drive space instead of 4. Dude, that’s like four times as much hard drive space! Yeeeeeeeehawwwwwww! Stewie has a theory that my cunning plan is to stay so far behind the rest of the world technologically, that another person’s computer junk that they’re throwing away is my upgrade. I’ll never tell, except that in the early days of Windows I remember always being behind the newest version by one, so that I got Windows 95 while everyone else was getting Windows 98. The strategy there was by the time I got the OS, all the bugs had been worked out of it by everyone else.

Deep thought: I think “The Moor the Merrier” would be a good historical sitcom.

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  1. actually, I agree. Frodo is pretty boring, especially Elijah Wood’s Angsty Frodo. One of my mantras is “Just because he/she is cute, doesn’t make him/her a good actor.” It started with Keanu Reeves and continues with Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood and the lady who plays T’Pol.

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