Sammy Davis Jr Only Had One Eye

On Friday Marlo & I had a turkey dinner at Marlo’s parents. I had written this big paragraph about how much I feel at ease with Marlo’s folks, but I must have done something when I was looking at the calendar trying to figure out what I did 4 days ago, because when I turned back everything I had written was gone. Suffice it to say that in the past I have felt uncomfortable around anyone’s parents (especially girlfriend’s) and older people in general, so it’s refreshing and wunderbar that that’s not the case with Keith and K. I also met Graeme and Amber (Marlo’s brother and his girlfriend) and they were also very nice. We discussed toilet training foibles during dinner. The food was fantastic and I sure look forward to Christmas!

We slept over on the Haida bed in the basement after watching Prisoner of Azkaban on the huge-normous TV. They have the kind of house that makes me want to sneak into the kitchen late and night and eat something forbidden. We got a ride back on Saturday and spent some time in a pet store near Marlo’s place, and I got some of that cat litter that is biodegradable. But I left it at Marlo’s because, well…ask me later. Then we came back to my place and Marlo cut my hair and dyed it black (with a hint of blue). It turned out swell and is the talk of the town. We watched Kill Bill and Enterprise and some ghost show that Stewie is taping for someone. The ghost show was terrible but Stewie was too polite to tell Marlo and me to stop constantly making fun of it.

Sunday we went for a delightful walk around the richie area south of here. We also checked out the pet stores for a new litterbox for the monster because…well, ask me later. Then Marlo went home and I drew and had an online VGG meeting to facilitate the successful organization of our gaming con Weathertop 2005!

All in all a superfun weekend. This week: gaming @ Stephane & Sheri’s!

Friends I’ve already spent time with this week:
Marlo (natch)
Stewie (natch)
Darcey (kind of)
Jamie (kind of)

Friends I plan on spending time with this week:

Next week:
Other Mike
Other Chris

Plus random or yet-to-be-planned stuff

Also people at my work thought Taylor was my brother.