The Hair on the Mole of the Chosen One

On the 19th I had a mole removed. It was right underneath my nipple. There are something like ‘the five deadly signs of moledom’ that you have to look out for. If a mole changes shape, if it’s an irregular shape, if it’s raised, if it has dark spots in it, if it’s a new mole…stuff like that. This one was new and it had dark spots, so I went to the doctor. He said “better safe than sorry” so he laid me down on the table, poked me with a needle, cut the thing out and sewed me up. Three stitches. I took it as the perfect opportunity to bail out of work last week and try to catch up on my artwork, which was overdue. When the art director initially asked me how many pages of work I wanted for the book (The Divine Quarter) – I said three pages, and that was foolish, as it turned out to be pretty unreasonable given the fact that I’m already late on another art project – (very late…as late as I’ve ever been) and I’ve still got writing to do. Anyway, Stan! was very good about the whole thing and gave me an extension, so for the first chunk of last week I managed to knock off three drawings a day, which is unheard of. Normally I do my originals at 115%-133% (sometimes larger) so that when they get shrunk down in the book they look better, but these ones were mostly 100%-115%. Still, they generally turned out fine. The company doesn’t pay quite as much as I’m used to from the other larger companies I work for, but they’re books are so well put together that I just like to do art in them so I can get contributor copies. I used Thieves Quarter book for my current campaign and it was incredibly useful. What other D&D product has maps of the sewer system under the city? Great stuff. Anyway, come mid-week it turns out that I didn’t have to run myself ragged on the art, as an editing hiccup gave me yet another 5 days leeway, so I was joyously afforded some leisure time this weekend, which I’ll tell you about, Shortly.

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  1. I’m more disturbed by the fact that you said ‘nipple’, singular. Do you have only one, right in the middle of your chest? Kudos on your high output. I could do the same if it weren’t for the eight, federally mandated hours of television I have to watch per day.

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