Work is Unpleasant

If I were Janet and I had to get up at 4 in the morning I don’t think I would be alive today. Getting up at 7:30 is depressing enough. Although – Janet gets to sit down and occasionally surf da internet. When I was younger I had crappy jobs – like the sewage filter factory, and DeVry Greenhouses. I never was one to get depressed much, but getting up to go to work at these jobs was that special time when depression shined on through. Usually it would just last for a few minutes to a couple hours. Once I actually started doing something rather than sitting in bed thinking “why don’t they get it over with and kill me?” (yes, I was listening to Metallica at the time) I was okay. Grouchy, but okay. Some days those feelings come back. This morning was not a problem, but Monday made me feel terrible. I don’t know what makes it change from day to day.

The skin on my face is being problematic. It gets so dry on the cheeks around my nose, and on my eyebrow – then it peels off (or I peel it off if I’m being stupid) and is raw underneath. Normally I can put some vitamin E cream on before I go to bed and I look normal in the morning, but today I had these big red blotches and I was pretty self-conscious about them. I don’t know why this has started to happen, but I wonder if going to see a dermy-to-ligist is covered by MSP.

On Sunday we had a Vancouver Gaming Guild meeting and we decided we’ll just try 3 conventions this year, not 4. Winter is a hard time to book a con because in October there are other, non-VGG cons like V-Con and Con-Fusion going on, and nobody wants to do anything in December. Okay this is already getting boring so I’m going to switch topics.

Marlo’s parents took us out to dinner at the Boathouse. The dinner was okay but the dessert was astounding. Keith (Marlo’s Dad) called me Tynan when he dropped us off and I think that’s funny. I don’t get phased or bothered by that sort of thing because people get my name wrong so often. Plus – who the fuck cares? It was nice for them to buy me dinner!

We also had another miniature painting potluck party but 4 of the 8 attendees jammed out at the last minute, so we got distracted from painting and played Talisman instead. It was fun on a bun. Next time I don’t want to be the Inquisitor because I always forget his special abilities, and we’ll play with the City and the Dungeon expansions. TALISMANNNNN!

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  1. I believe, and I may be wrong about this Torben, but if you go to your GP first and they recommend visiting a dermatologist, then it’s covered.

  2. I always mix up your name and Tynan’s name: five letters, two of them in the same strategic place – who is to blame us!

    And don’t worry, even the pain you feel upon waking up to your depressingly quotidian job will come to be routine one day. You’ll get used to it. 😉 Seriously, it’s not all bad. Also, perfecting the balance between triumph over your alarm clock and still getting to work on time has its own special satisfaction. (5:32 a.m. today! WOO!)

  3. Skin issues,
    yea, I get the dry skin, flaking, red blotching as well. My wife worked for clinique for years. She tells me time and time again to
    wash face with dermatological soap for your skin type
    Use clarifiying lotion- its kind of an alchohol based cleaning fluid- clinique makes an excellent one, take off oils, dead skin, parasites (kidding)
    apply a real moisturizer, not just vit e oil.
    I still get red blotchy skin every now and then, especially under stress, or, when I go several days without washing my face….
    just fyi- Jeff

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