jingle hells

The very first Christmas-themed commercial I have seen this season made me actually cry “oh my god” out loud. Maybe you’ve seen it: Old grandpa opens his front door and on his porch/stairs is a little plastic snowman and a little plastic dog, side-by-side. The snowman sings some of the lines of ‘jingle bells’ and the dog musically barks the others. Additionally, they both vibrate and make a tinkling sound. The vision fades into a younger ‘mom’ type, who is in a store and daydreaming the whole scenario. At this point, I’m ready for the punchline. I’m ready for the lady to shake it off and buy something cool and extreeeeeeme for grandpa, or the Juicy Fruit nun to come in with the guitar and break it over the knicknack. But no – this santa-ized singing fish wall trophy is actually the product they’re advertising on television, I realize when the Hallmark “Jingle Pals” $12.99 blurb. You really have to see it to believe it.