I cannot stop myself from posting this.

Chris (the Woods variety) has a blog – http://sidswoorch.blogspot.com/
Weed it and reap.

Though even this magnificent, nay sublime event is a minor point of interest compared to the rest of my day. Well, up until now anyway.

14 Replies to “I cannot stop myself from posting this.”

  1. Curses! Ousted from the much-coveted FIRST LINK OF FAVOURITE BLOGS spot (the order of which I’m sure was in no way influenced by the vagaries of the alphabet)! You shall rue the day! *shakes fist*

  2. janet… i don’t think i like your implications. you know, just because my name starts with a “u” doesn’t mean i don’t have feelings. i’m gonna guess Y-vonne has a somewhat similar take on this. oh, and p.s. word on the street is that it’s better on the bottom.

  3. hey i don’t know if i’d count yvonne as being the bottom. her birth name isn’t yvonne is it? i bet her birth name is alphabetically inferior and puts her higher on the list.

  4. My birth name *is* Yvonne! So the bottom spot is mine, no trickery involved.

    Why wouldn’t it be? If I were to choose a stage name (other than rabblerocket, I suppose), it would be more dramatic. Like “Kitten”. Or “Foucault”.

  5. yvonne, with your recent realisations, i think you *should* change your name… in fact maybe everyone should change their name once they’ve come to some bit of self-realisation. how fun would that be? then everyone would know that you figured something BIG out.

    oh, and “uu” at least you can find those cute bags with your letter on it! i have searched and searched. MAYBE if i was in germany, but here, i will never find a cute u bag. :o( it’s tragic.

  6. p.s. she’s changing her name from yvonne to kitty, she’s trading MG for a white, chrysler le baron….

  7. i’m still not sold your birth name is yvonne. no one in their right mind would give someone a name that starts with Y. from now on i will know you as Kitty and will petition Toren to change your link name to such and have it moved up the list.

  8. Oooh, out with it! You just want the last slot, you fiendish “W”!
    Speaking of “w”s, my commenting was just interrupted by two ladies who tried to engage me in conversation about whether or not I envision a time when we never need security alarms or locks on our doors. I said, “Sorry, I’m on dialup right now, and should really get back to it.” That’s fodder for the rest of their day, I’m sure. Several eyebrows were raised. They don’t understand technology-mediated friendships.

    The hidden “w”s in that story were Jehovah’s “W”itnesses, and the copy of the Watchtower that I politely refused. Secretly, though, it always reminds me of Jimi Hendrix, and that ain’t bad. For a second or two.

    And you just be careful of what you rename your friends, Ms. Mountain View.

  9. dearest kitty,
    whatever do you mean?
    this isn’t even going to be a difficult transition for me as i’ve already taken to calling people kitten. oh! how fun!

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