My memory is selective

Last night over dinner it came up how Angie’s sister Pam was my first girlfriend and Marlo was interested to learn about that. As it turns out, I learned quite a bit about it too, and Angie learned some as well. I won’t go into specifics but Ang and I had never traded details, so Marlo & Chris & Stewie got to hear Pam’s side (via Angie) and my side (via me). It wasn’t like a big argument or anything even remotely dramatic, but to me it was just interesting to hear a different perspective after all these years. On top of that Angie reminisced about how one time Warren and I were making fun of Pam behind her back and it made Angie cry. That’s sad and I don’t remember it. It’s true what you’ve heard – 19-year-old Toren can be a prick. Anyway now Pam is married and has a baby and I rarely see her and when I do we don’t really exchange words because we don’t really have anything in common besides our past. And that suits both of us, I reckon. I get to hear about her when Chris gets roped into this or that in-law family obligation and that is no less than I require to go about my life.

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  1. According to married women in the know, 10 years ago I was “dangerous temptation.” I’m pretty sure I was a prick though. these days, however, , I’m just ick

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