I said “Pick a number between 1 and 27” and Joe said “Pi.” I’m going to round down to 3.

Toren’s Mixed Tape #3

circa 1991

Nomeansno “Now”
Glenn Miller “In the Mood”
Screaming Trees “Lay Your Head Down”
Mudhoney “Something So Clear”
Tad “Plague Years”
Big Black “Colombian Necktie”
Dinosaur Jr “Budge”
Masters of Reality “Kill the King”
Pixies “The Happening”
Butthole Surfers “Hurdy Gurdy Man”
Soundgarden “Jesus Christ Pose”
Tom Waits “Sweet Little Bullet”

Nirvana “Downer”
Fugazi “Joe #1”
Harry Connick Jr “You Didn’t Know Me When”
Nomeansno “Body Bag”
Monty Python “Every Sperm is Sacred”
Screaming Trees “Beyond This Horizon”
Glenn Miller “Pennsylvania 6-5000”
Mudhoney “Thorn”
Tad “Behemoth”
Shuffle Demons “What Do You Want?”
Big Black “Texas”
Dinosaur Jr “Muck”
Masters of Reality “The Blue Garden”

It’s likely this was before I had enough CDs to support a ‘one song per band’ limit on the mix tapes.

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