A very jamesy day

Garage Sale Booty:
Aggravation game for 40 cents (for James) – missing 2 marbles.
A baker’s dozen of markers & pencils (good ones too) for $1.85

After the garage saling I called James to tell him about his prize. Since my previous plans had their berries picked, I went with him for a long walk with his dogs on the endowment lands. Maybe I should capitalize endowment lands, but I’m not going to because they’re already endowed enough without me making a point of it. It was almost like hiking, except the terrain was largely flat. I enjoyed it, and we saw a nice fat banana slug. Then James took me out for lunch at Acropol and then we went back to my place and played a game of Magic: The Gathering. It was a close game, but my legions of vampires took out his angels & griffons. Then I started working when he left and he came back later to watch War of the Worlds. I’m running Spaceship Zero in 7 days and I still don’t know what the plot will be.

3 Replies to “A very jamesy day”

  1. i would really really really like to play aggravation. especially with two missing marbles. it’ll feel like home. is it possible that a date be set up for the game of pure-pure pleasure?

  2. you could be involved too you know. since i neither know his number nor his email address. and with frustration: the more the merrier. if you like destroying your opponents. as i do.

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