Knitting in the Buff

Knitting in the Buff tonight consisted of only 5 shows:

Reboot 5: The Crimson Binome – Introduces Captain Gavin Capacitor who plays an important role in the 3rd season
Black Books 6: He’s Leaving Home. Possibly the weakest episode of the first season. Still lots of yuks though, especially the beard fetish uh…business.
Buffy: The robot demon one from first season. I thought this episode was pretty awful, actually. Invariably when TV or film tries to feature computers or the internet, they might as well be magic boxes because any semblance to the constraints of real-life technology are tenuous at best. That’s not the only reason I didn’t like the episode though.
Look Around You: Ghosts.
Buffy: First episode from second season. I didn’t much care for this episode either. It seemed like a really generic, standard, story-rehashing episode and I really didn’t enjoy Buffy being all bitchy because she was dead for a few moments in the previous episode, even if it may have been “realistic.” When I first saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow bugged the hell out of me with her milquetoast delivery and sleepy-time voice, but now I would go so far as to say I like her – she makes a good underdog. I think Charisma Carpenter does a great job as the bitch but she’s always looked like she was 35 even in the first season, and that has never stopped bugging me. I think Xander’s my favourite. He’s got the most personality out of all of them, and is the most accessible.

In attendance was Marlo, Dalia and Anghold. We ended early (10pm) because everyone had to go. Also it was and is really hot in the apartment. Next time I look forward to some more Firefly. I like everyone in that cast.