Too much fire and not enough works

The fireworks were good (imagine a big screensaver in the sky) except for alllllll the people (and by extension their honking cars) and the screaming kid(s) and the sand. The last of which I wouldn’t have minded except I wore my second best pair of shoes which I’ve only worn twice before. Nobody told me the beach would be so sandy! I hadn’t seen any of the fireworks this year – I was saving up for the finale. There was a BBQ at Ursula’s before that with Andrea & Brian, Janet & Brian, Yvonne, Satomi, Marlo, Laura, Heidi, Heather, Allison & Caleb and afterwards we played Mario Party 3 in which I got 5 Millenium Stars. Ursy had 2 and Marlo had 1. I feel justified in saying “now that was an ass-kicking.” The moon looked like an orange wedge without the orange.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, I ate a quarter cup of mustard straight as part of a bet. They wouldn’t give me $100 to eat the entire jar though. And we all learned an important lesson about peer pressure.

And Yvonne gave me a hair cut. I enjoy being the head that first-time haircutters experiment upon.

Last night I started watching The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Night before I watched Alien Nation (6/10). Next it will be Gosford Park. I’m making 3 tapes of Clone High for Janet.

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  1. dude! that was soooo not 1/4 Cup. it was more like 1/8. and that’s the truth. in fact, i’m going to measure it now. yup. looks like 1/8… i call 60% truth!
    oh, and p.s. thanks for coming. and kicking our asses. that was pretty f’ing brutal.

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