How's that for a berry blast?

And by that I mean…a blast to your berries?

Strawberries are mean. Because you’ll spend five minutes going through all the baskets to find the best “package” and then you’ll spend your three or four bucks, and then you’ll get home and enjoy them until you get to the very last one, which is – despite all appearances – mouldy and makes you run gagging towards the sink or garbage and spoils the whole experience. Mean old strawberries.

Tonight we played D&D and I was thoroughly amused. I think it’s safe to say that it brought out the best character roleplaying I’ve seen from the group. There were a lot of tense moments, and a lot of comical moments. In the end, they finished their current quest – so now it’s on the to next one!

3 Replies to “How's that for a berry blast?”

  1. yep, our barbarian was still raging, so she killed the one person we were keeping alive for information! Now that’s good roleplaying!

  2. could have gone to pick you own in the strawberry fields. You can also get a plant in a small planter called everybearing and you can grow your own. Hugs,

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